Peeps "Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Dipped In Chocolate"

Just Born

I think these might be the best Peeps I've ever eaten in my entire life. Honestly Peeps aren't really a favorite candy for me, mostly because of my dislike of marshmallows. I've only recently started to change my mind about marshmallows, and I've been trying to develop a taste for them. At this point the only marshmallows I kind of like are those fancy handmade ones. Peeps are on the other end of that spectrum, they're not the fanciest marshmallows, but they are kind of fun.

My biggest complaint about Peeps in the past comes from the fact that they're often tasteless, and way too rubbery. The sugar on the outside of most Peeps helps with the rubbery texture, but since the sugar is often not flavoured, it doesn't help the flavour. These Christmas themed Peeps have found a way to improve both of these problems. Best of all, the two fixes for these problems also go well together. The peppermint flavour of these Peeps is subtle and very tasty. The chocolate base is made from fairly good chocolate, and actually improves the texture of the Peeps, along with the sugar coating.

Together, peppermint and chocolate also go well together, so it makes these two additions work even better. I'm still not a huge fan of Peeps, but I truly enjoyed these. I think a little flavour and texture in more Peeps could turn me around on the regular ones too.