December 2021



Peeps "Gingerbread Men"

Just Born

Eating gingerbread men is objectively a really weird thing to do. For some reason when eating these gingerbread men Peeps it really hit me hard. It’s almost like you’re doing some kind of voodoo spell trying to harm someone who’s wronged you. There’s really no part of a gingerbread man that you can bite that won’t make you think about the possibility of dismemberment. Sometimes, if you’re in a bad mood, you might even give one of your gingerbread men a name, maybe even the name of someone you’re mad at. Then, you bite into it causing it a great deal of harm. Sometimes I think about who might have named their gingerbread cookie after me, and what my fate might be.

If you manage to get over the weird thoughts that come about with eating gingerbread people, these gingerbread men Peeps are actually really tasty. My biggest complaint with most marshmallow treats, Peeps included, is that they often lack any kind of interesting flavour. There might be a slight vanilla flavour, but it’s rare that there’s a flavour that knocks your socks off. These marshmallow gingerbread men on the other hand are packed with flavour. The flavour is most certainly gingerbread as well.

I really can’t remember if I’ve even had such a tasty marshmallow based treat ever before. The gingerbread flavour was so spot on and so powerful. At first I was worried that the gingerbread flavour wouldn’t work with a soft squishy marshmallow, but it wasn’t a problem at all. While they look a little weird in the package, they really make up for it with an awesome flavour. I ate these gingerbread men up really quickly, so quickly that I imagine it looked pretty disturbing.