Peeps "Marshmallow Tombstones"

Just Born

These Peeps disappoint me. There are lots of things you can do with marshmallows, you can shape them, flavour them, and decorate them. While I don't think they're as versatile as gummies, I've seen some pretty amazing things done with marshmallows, and tasted some amazing flavours in marshmallows. These Peeps Tombstones have not really done much at all. First of all, the shape, it's a basic tombstone and nothing more. The shape is only slightly different from that of a regular marshmallow, a boring blob. I've seen better from many companies, including Just Born (the makers of Peeps).

The biggest disappointment for me was the flavour, or complete lack of flavour. I'll put this out there, I'm not a big fan of marshmallows, and I used to almost hate them. Then I tried a few handmade marshmallows, made by a small company that really cared about the texture and flavour of their marshmallow. Instead of tasting like a chewy piece of foam, these handmade marshmallows melted in my mouth and left a beautiful vanilla flavour behind. The Peeps Tombstones are exact opposite of this, and are the best example of the worst kind of marshmallow, flavourless through and through.

The decorations were the highlight of this treat, and they were pretty sad. The only reason they're the highlight is because they actually had decorations on them. I'm guessing if the same effort had been put on the decorations as the flavour and shape, there likely would have been nothing on them, just gray blobs. I normally like to find something redeeming about candies when I review them, and the only thing I can say was that these were at least fresh, so they were fairly soft.

Just Born, you've done much better than this in the past.