I'm not completely fair when it comes to other countries' foods. When I discovered this treat, I found the fact that I bought it in France, yet it had a Mexican theme to be really strange. I’ve never thought of French people enjoying Mexican food. I say this, but I don't find a Taco Bell in Canada to be weird at all. I don't mind that they make Japanese-type cartoons in North America, but a guy with a sombrero speaking in French seems to be very odd to me. I don’t think it’s racist because I don’t think less of either culture, or I don’t think less of French people who enjoy Mexican food. I just never gave much thought about the two cultures meeting.

This cultural disconnect is why I bought this little cake - it threw me off a bit and I wanted to figure it out in my head. As a treat, this cake nothing that spectacular at all; it's cake with chocolate chips. Actually, the chocolate chips are pretty good, and fairly abundant so I guess that's cool. Nothing's worse than biting into a cake and expecting a sweet chocolaty treat inside, only to be disappointed. (I also find this annoying when a cream centre is involved.)

I guess if I got this in my lunch I'd be a happy little boy. It also inspired me to think about trying to find a Mexican restaurant next time I’m in Paris. I'm still not sure about the French hombre on the front though.