PEZ "Grape Candy"


This is not the first PEZ review I've ever written, but it keeps getting harder and harder each time. It's not that I don't enjoy PEZ, it's just that each PEZ not that different from one flavour to the next flavour. Sure, this one certainly is grape flavoured, but it's a pretty fake grape flavour, much like the lemon is fairly fake lemon flavour and so are all the other flavours. The texture is exactly the same no matter what flavour of PEZ you buy, it's crunchy at first, but turns into a powder after a few chews. Again, this is not saying I don't like eating PEZ, it's just a very consistent candy, almost to a fault.

I will say there is one thing that disappoints me about PEZ, and it was super apparent with this particular flavour. PEZ seems to slack a little when it comes to colouring their candy. I saw at least 3 shades of purple in this package, one candy being almost pink instead of purple. If you're going to make a candy like PEZ, I think consistency is important in all aspects. It's a minor thing, but noticeable.

I think the biggest problem I have when it comes to writing a review of any PEZ candies is the fact that I don't write them with the dispensers in mind. In fact, I don't eat the candy out of the dispenser when I write these reviews. I try and look at the candy alone, and alone it's not a very interesting treat at all, unless you're a mason.