Pizza Peanuts


I'm sure you're thinking two things about this review. First of all, you’re probably saying that Pizza Peanuts aren't really candy. I think considering the fact that Pizza is involved in the flavouring of a snack food I'm going to qualify it. If you take any food item and flavour a nut with it, I'll consider reviewing it here on this site. Secondly, you're probably wondering why I'd want to eat a peanut flavoured like a pizza. This question is a little more complicated, all I can tell you is that the Pizza Peanuts were a gift (so I probably would have never thought about buying them). Having said that, I always like a tasting adventure.

The strangest things about this treat is that these pizza-flavoured peanuts are actually not bad. Don't get me wrong, they're not the greatest snack food I've ever eaten in my whole life, but they're not bad. The key to their success has to be moderation of pizza flavouring. Often snack companies will cake on flavouring to their nuts so thickly that it gives you a headache. These on the other hand had a light coating of spices that went really well with the dry roasted flavour of the peanut. I often find that when I’m eating a flavoured peanut, the peanut is providing the texture, while the flavouring is taking over all of the flavour.

As far as the flavour itself, I can kind of taste where someone might think these have a pizza flavour, but really, I would just call them pizza spiced rather than pizza flavoured. I would imagine that a pizza sauce that had these spices would be pretty good, but I don't get the sense that these are really pizza flavoured.