Pocky "Grape Squeeze"


I don't think the words "the world needs more grape flavored chocolate cookie snacks" has ever been uttered before. It's probably for good reason as grape and chocolate don't seem like they could work together very well. In particular I feel like the combination of fake grape flavoring and chocolate would be particularly bad. This is all to say that I'm completely shocked that this Pocky variety actually kind of worked.

It's not my favorite Pocky ever, but the fake grape flavored sticks aren't that bad. I think the reason it worked is that they got rid of every other flavor you normally find in a Pocky (chocolate and cookie) and replaced it with an intense grape flavour. The grape flavour that took over this treat was particularly nice because it’s finished with a slightly tart flavour. I find that many fruit flavours, particularly flavours like grape, work so much better with a bit of tartness. The texture was pretty much the same as most of the other variety of Pocky, smooth chocolate with a crunchy cookie. They were a little shorter than the standard Pocky, but I don't feel like it ruined anything.

These are very intense in their grape flavour; the minute you open the bag you know what you're getting into with the smell alone. I'm still a little puzzled about the word squeeze in the name, unless it's just talking about the extreme juice flavour. I would never call these the best, or even most unique Pocky flavour, but I enjoyed them enough both for how they made the grape flavour work and the unique fact that you don’t find many grape flavoured chocolate treats.