June 2023

Pocky "Summer Paradise"


I didn’t really understand the flavour of this Pocky at first. I wasn’t sure if there was an actual flavour called “summer paradise”, or if it was just a general theme. On closer inspection of the package I could see that it was going to involve 3 summerish flavours. I’ll be honest, for me, summer is certainly associated with peaches, and I can kind of see how lychee might be associated with the tropics, which is sort of summerish. Elder flower is a little out of my knowledge, is it a summer flavour/flower? My understanding of what is a summer flavour is very biased to someone who grew up in Canada and doesn’t know much about flowers, so opinions may vary based on where you’re from.

As for the Pocky themselves, I was a little shocked that the lychee flavour was really the dominant flavour. It’s best described as lychee with a bit of peach. Since I’m not as familiar with elder flower, it could be that it happens to taste like lychee and I just didn’t pick it out. Honestly, I actually tasted these before reading the package, and I was convinced that they did a fine job of blending lychee and peach, and didn’t notice any other flavour. Again, it could be that elder flower just blends perfectly with peach and lychee, but it could also be that it’s not really that strong at all.

I wouldn’t say you should run to your store in order to pick up this limited edition Pocky flavour, but if you want something a little different, and you come across it, why not. I would say that this flavour combination did have a nice summer feel, so I guess they managed to live up to the flavour description. I will however be looking into more elder flower treats and snacks in the future, as I’m curious how summery it might be and how much it might taste like lychee.