Pocky "Men's"


I didn't know they made a Pocky just for me (or at the very least people of my gender). Does this mean I've been eating girl's Pocky before this? Maybe it was co-ed Pocky before, and now it's with this new variety it’s a little more manly? The first clue that it's for men would be the "Photo Seal" featuring a girl in a cheerleader outfit, although it is pink and it seemed a little girly to me. It seemed a little weird, but I figured the people at Glico wouldn't steer me wrong, so I continued.

Upon first bite, I can’t tell that there’s much different about these Pocky, it just appears to be fairly similar to the co-ed version of Pocky. The chocolate is a little darker with these Pocky Men’s, which isn't bad, but it really isn't that different from the regular Pocky. While the chocolate is a little darker, the difference is so minimal that it’s just the same thing. Not that these Pocky are bad, just not really worth a rebranding. I guess the dark chocolate coating is a little different and I like to have a little variety, but creatively the design is the same.

For the life of me I can't figure out why it's Men's Pocky, except for the sticker and the word “Men’s” on the box. I’m also not sure why you would want to market a candy specifically for men, that would pretty much eliminate half of your audience, and it would also bring up other questions, like who are the other Pocky for.