Disney Tiny Conversation Hearts


Have you ever had a friend that you tried to date..? Wait a minute that's a line from a "Just a Friend" by Biz Markee. The expressions on these little treats are perfect for that person who wants to give a gift of friendship. No romance at all, with expressions like "Let's Play", "Smile", and "Grand"... What ever that's supposed to mean. You can give these to anybody and that isn’t obsessed with turning anything into innuendo. These are really candies designed for friends, so much so that if you gave them to someone you loved, they might get the wrong idea.

As far as the candy itself they're not bad. I'm normally not a huge fan of conversation hearts, I find them a little bland, but these are a little tart and the flavours aren't too bad. I couldn't really place them but each colour has a different taste for sure. That good in my books and shows a sign of attention to detail.

Texture wise they're about what one would expect from conversation hearts, they're crunchy but odd. I can't explain it but they seem to be soft on the outside just a little, just enough to make the whole texture seem just a little strange.

If you want that next hot date I'd recommend looking elsewhere for your treats, but if you want to put a smile on a friends face why not go for a box of these Disney Tiny Conversation Hearts.