Pop Chips "Original Potato Chips"


I have to say I'm both amazed by this product and completely surprised. The whole idea of these little crunchy snacks is that unlike normal potato chips they are neither baked nor fried. Apparently popping chips is much better for you, although I'm not really sure why. They describe the process involving a great deal of temperature and pressure and to me this sounds pretty cool, in fact I'd love to see some video of these being made.

The snack themselves where surprising because I thought I was basically going to be eating a potato flavoured cheezie (or cheese puff), or at the very least something with that kind of texture. In fact, these are a lot close to the texture of regular potato chips and nothing like a cheezie. They're a lot crunchier than I had expected them to be. They do taste a little funny and not exactly like a potato chip, but they’re not horrible at all.

I do find it odd that each Pop Chip are all the same size and the same basic shape. That pretty much eliminates the chances of getting a really big or curled up chip (if that's your thing). These Pop Chips are different and not horrible at all, so if you feel adventurous go for it. In time I might even develop a taste for these.