Pop Drops


Since each package comes chock full of many flavours of Pop Drops, I've decided to let fate decide which I shall review today. So, with the flip of a wrist we learn that I'm reviewing... Red. I can't say that I was cheering for red because red is often my favourite flavour, and that would show favouritism and this site has nothing to do with things like that. I have to admit I'm pretty happy with the choice. I was most nervous about getting blue because I've already reviewed the blue Tootsie Pop and I imagine these will taste pretty much the same.

Now on to the review. When you read the packaging, you'll notice that these are pretty much plugged as Tootsie Pops without the stick. They are similar in flavour and basic concept (they have a candy coating with a chocolate Tootsie Roll like center), but these have a few advantages. First of all, they're small. So, if you're a Tootsie candy fanatic you can cram your mouth full of them and get your sugar and Tootsie Pop fix in one mouthful. However, if you're a little more reserved you can pop one in your mouth and save the rest for later. These treats are also great because rather than getting stuck with one flavour of treat as you would with a Tootsie Pop, with these you get a great mix of tastes in each bag. This can only really be bad if you happen to not like any of the Tootsie flavours (which fortunately for me I love them all). The chocolate Tootsie Roll centre is a little smaller than in the Tootsie Pop version but I don't really mind that, sometimes you just want a little Tootsie stuff.

I guess I'm saying that I like the idea and I think I'll be carrying this bag of Tootsie Pop Drops around with me for a while so I can slowly enjoy them. I just hope my next one is chocolate. Also, the red is as tasty as I would have expected, so I’m happy about that too.

Suck Time : 10 min