Salted Caramel Lollipop

A Secret Forest Patisserie

This treat represents two first for me, firstly I've never tried a lollipop with a pretzel implanted in it, and secondly, I've never tried a lollipop with salt as one of the main ingredients. While creative flavours are fairly common in the lollipop world, creative additions, like the pretzel, are very rare. The question is, how will the pretzel effect the treat on the whole; after all it's a different texture entirely.

When I first sampled this lollipop, I was really happy with the caramel flavour. It was a nice smooth, yet fairly strong flavour that left a really nice aftertaste. I was a little concerned because I really couldn't taste the salt, but as I licked this lollipop more smaller pockets of salt came out. I'm a big fan of salty/sweet treats, so I guess I would have been OK if this was a little saltier. Many people however, may not like salt as much as me, so for them this would be just fine.

The pretzel was fairly interesting as I worked my way through this lollipop. As I broke through the candy, I would get little tastes of pretzel that worked well with the caramel and salt flavour. The only problem I had with the pretzel was near the end of this lollipop. As I got to the centre the pretzel was the only thing holding the candy together and when the pretzel got wet, the candy collapsed.

This wouldn't have been such a big problem except for the fact that the stick on my lollipop was a little too short, and about halfway through it fell off. I was left with a sticky mess on my fingers, and I had a bit of a hard time finishing this lollipop up.

Don't get me wrong, this treat tasted great, the salty caramel was a wonderful flavour, and the pretzel was a really fun idea. I'm just wondering if this would have made for a better hard candy than lollipop.

Suck Time: 20 minutes