Pringles "Cheese & Onion"


Pringles are an interesting potato chip, mostly because they aren't really like normal potato chips at all. The best way to describe Pringles is to say that they’re manufactured potato chips. If you love the taste of Kettle Chips or Miss Vickie’s potato chips, you might hate Pringles. These are really a category unto themselves, and a category of potato chip that’s very divisive. I generally find that there are some people who love Pringles, and would eat them every day, and I find other people who have tried them once and don’t ever want to try them again.

For the most part I fall into the “don’t ever want to try them again” crowd, or at the very least I don’t prefer Pringles. I love the taste of potato and I would happily eat just about any potato product; the problem is that Pringles don’t really have that potato flavour at all. There’s just something about them that tastes odd.

Having said all of that, there is one area that Pringles excels, and that is their flavoring. The fact that Pringles has some really great flavours is the reason I’m not a total Pringles hater. This particular type of chip, although a little strange on its own, really takes well to flavors. This must be in part to the fact that Pringles is always mixing great flavors with them. I rarely eat the plain flavour of Pringles, but flavors like these Cheese and Onion Pringles really work well. The cheese and onion flavour are not that real, but for some reason it works well enough. Best of all the strange Pringles flavour seems to work particularly well with flavours like this.

On a side note if you want to try something really neat, dip a plain Pringles chip in chocolate, its awesome.