March 2023

Ptasie Mlecsko "Waniliowe"

E. Wedel

I think these are chocolate covered marshmallows, but I’m not really sure. It’s almost as if it’s more of a super sticky and fluffy nougat than your standard marshmallow, but I’ve also had some hand made marshmallows that fit that category as well. The texture is just a little too soft compared to your average store bought marshmallow. To me that’s actually a totally plus since I’m not a big fan of normal marshmallows. There’s something about the texture of normal marshmallows that I don’t really like, a sponginess that these don’t have.

While the texture is better than a regular marshmallow, it’s not as satisfying as a nougat. The texture is a little weird, but interesting enough to try these Ptsie Mlecsko at least once. The chocolate on the outside is a fine quality dark chocolate, but it’s a little too thin for my liking. If you attempt to make these a two bite treat you’ll find that the thin chocolate flakes off really easily. The dark chocolate does give you a nice cocoa flavour, but I feel like a thicker coating would work at improving these texture wise, but even a little more dark chocolate would be an improvement.

These are really hard to review because I’m not totally sure what they are. If they’re a chocolate coated marshmallow than they’re much better than I would have expected. If they’re a chocolate coated whipped nougat than it’s a little disappointing. Objectively they’re a little weird, but I’m okay with that. I’m happy that I had the chance to try them, but I’m not sure I’d ever seek them out again. I’d be interested what others thought about them, but I would never force them on someone who wasn’t interested.