Puccho Juicy "Assorted Fruit Flavors"


There is one word on this wrapper that is a bit untrue and that word is "assorted". These Puccho are fruit flavoured, they are not chocolate and they are not savory, the best description for this flavour is fruit. They could be called juicy, although the more I think about that it's kind of a lie too, but I could see some creative license here. They were fairly chewy; in fact, I would say that this candy’s best feature is the chewiness. Best of all it's not just one kind of chewiness, it's got two different kinds of chewiness in each cube. There's the chewy taffy like candy, and small chewy gummy like candies found throughout the taffy. So, it's really like a chewy candy double treat, and that's great. But then you get down to the use of the word “assorted”.

When I see a candy that says it's "assorted fruit flavors", I assume that there will be a variety of flavours found in this candy. The variety could be either from candy to candy (like starburst) or in some rare cases you get variety within the same candy. This candy on the other hand didn't offer either. If I had to describe it, I would say that these are citrus flavoured. At least that's the flavour you get from the taffy outer candy. The gummy candies in the middle might have had assorted flavours, but you couldn't taste them because of how strong the citrus flavour of the taffy is.

It's not that the citrus flavour was bad, it's just far from being "assorted fruit flavors". Fortunately, the duo texture of these Puccho are a great feature of these candies, and made me feel better about the lack of variety in the fruit flavour.