Pure Fruit Gummy "Love of Fate"


The flavour of this gummy is very simple, explaining how the flavour of this gummy and its name correspond is virtually impossible. Very rarely do I ever research candies that I’m going to review on the Internet before I eat them, I like to rely on the package for my information and the candy for anything else. The most I usually do is use Google translate if needed. This treat demanded that I look up a few things about it. Most notably the flavour, the translation above is the best I could do. I did a little research and found out that this treat is related to some sort of contest. I don't really understand the contest, but I think it has something to do with the guy on the horse.

I also learned from the company’s website that these gummies are primarily focused on the female market. So, I have a feeling these gummies have something to do with being rescued/dating the guy on the horse. Fortunately for me, I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to not be threatened by the fact that I'm eating gummies targeted for girls.

As for the gummies themselves, they're pretty basic, soft and just a little sour. The white hearts are covered with a nice coating of sugar and sour powder. The texture melts in your mouth rather easily, much like a high-quality jelly. The flavour is most likely pear, or something similar. Although it could be the taste of love, but frankly love tastes more like chocolate ice cream to me (you know too much).

For such a simple pear flavoured gummy, it seems to have a really complicated story. If I find out more about this gummy, I'll add it to the end of this review below.