Push Pop "Cherry" (with little devil topper)


It's funny; I've never tried a "push pop" before in my life. Sometimes I'll post reviews of treats that I'm surprised that I've never reviewed, but it's rare that a treat goes by that I don't at least sample. It's even more rare that a treat that's been around for a long time, goes by without having even tried it. So, when I was searching for a treat for Valentines Day, and I saw this little guy, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to try a Push Pop.

If I had to describe Push Pops I would describe them as basically a cross between lipstick and a lollypop. I think it’s a pretty good candy concept since it's retractable and since it has a lid, if you don't finish it in one go you can save it for later without any chance of hair or dust getting into it. The little devil guy riding a skateboard on the top doesn't do much for the treat... well at all. He pretty much just looks glued on for the sake of giving this treat a Valentine’s Day theme.

The lollypop itself if pretty tasty. I'm a big fan of fake cherry flavours and that’s exactly what this is. I think I like many fake cherry flavours because they often have a little bit of sour mixed in. The sour gives a little variety to the treats flavour. This Push Pop is not a spectacularly different treat by any means (other than the whole lipstick design) but it's pretty tasty and great if you just want a little taste of something on the go. It's like a lollypop without commitment.

Suck Time: As long as you want.