Quality Street "Coconut Eclair"


How you feel about this candy has a great deal to do with how much you like coconut, sort of. The reason I say sort of is because the coconut flavour is not one that smacks you in the mouth. It's a fairly subtle flavour of coconut, nothing close to what you might find in a bounty or mound bar. The reason that I feel how much you love this candy depends on how much you love coconut is because of the nature of Quality Street chocolates.

The thing/danger of Quality Street chocolates is that there is no indication at all about what might be inside each chocolate. Quality Street has a very big following, and for many people it's a candy tradition, especially around Christmas. For these people what’s inside each unmarked chocolate is not so mysterious. There are however many people who are either new to Quality Street, or at the very least are not familiar with the choices available because they only occasionally eat them. So if you were to pull one of these blue wrapped Quality Street chocolates out of a bowl of assorted chocolates, your opinion on it depends on how much you like coconut. One thing I’ll say is that  I feel like it's not how you might think.

I feel like if you're a big fan of coconut filled or flavoured treats, you might be disappointed with this chocolate. The coconut flavour is very weak, and lacks that sickly sweet punch you normally get from coconut filled treats. I also feel like the texture is a little too processed. It was like I was eating a coconut flavoured cream or caramel, rather than a fibrous coconut filling. If you happen to hate coconut, you might actually be pretty happy with these chocolates. Sure you are most certainly eating a coconut candy, but the flavour is subtle. You'd probably consider yourself lucky and not feel the need to spit this coconut candy out in front of all your friends at the Christmas party.

This chocolate is not great, it's certainly not the best Quality Street you can choose from. You might feel a bit better or worse about tasting it if you love or hate coconut, particularly if you're at a party.