Quality Street "Green Triangle"


I wouldn’t call this a chocolate triangle, there’s something more to it. Texture wise it’s much more obvious. This is very much a triangle filled with some kind of chocolate cream or at the very least less dense chocolate. Flavour wise it’s a little harder to pin down. The chocolate filling has something about it that says it’s more than chocolate, but it’s such a subtle flavour that I don’t know if I could place it. According to some research I have done, it’s supposed to be some kind of hazelnut noisette. I’m not sure if this chocolate screams hazelnut to me, in fact I really couldn’t place it without looking it up. It really just tasted like a slightly off chocolate.

I think Quality Street needs some hazelnut to balance out the many flavours available (two orange chocolates… really?!!), but I just feel like the hazelnut in this chocolate is too weak to properly represent. There are two ways to make a great hazelnut chocolate, you either have to have a really powerful hazelnut cream, or you have to have real hazelnuts in it. A good hazelnut cream should be made of mostly hazelnuts, with cocoa used minimally. The goal is to have the chocolate on the outside to balance with the hazelnut cream. The other route is much easier, and that’s to put whole, or at the very least pieces of hazelnut into the cream. This would drastically change the texture of this chocolate triangle, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

The concept of this chocolate is really good. Quality Street should be about having a good selection of good quality chocolates. There are many caramel, and fruit based treats in this selection, so something a little nutty is the perfect fit. Even more hazelnut is a great choice for a nut to use in this situation. The problem is that the hazelnut doesn’t really shine in this treat, instead it’s drowned out by the chocolate in the filling and on the outside. It’s a shame because I feel like this could have been one of my favourites, it just doesn’t work the way it should.