Quality Street "Orange Cream"


There is one aspect of this chocolate that I really liked, a lot. It took me a few minutes to discover this feature since there was also a part of this chocolate that I’m not such a big fan of. The part I’m not such a big fan of is the flavour. It’s not that I think orange and chocolate should never go together, it’s just never been something I’ve ever been fond of. I don’t hate orange flavoured chocolate, I just can’t think of any time where I like it. I understand that people do enjoy this flavour, and I don’t feel that you’re wrong to like orange flavoured chocolate, I just can’t see myself ever falling for it or changing my mind. Having said that, I’ll continue to sample orange and chocolate treats, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll change, or find the blend that suits my palette.

As far as the part of this treat that I really liked, it’s the texture. When I first bit into this chocolate I was immediately hit with a really strong orange flavour. I was a little turned off, but suddenly my mouth felt something really pleasant. The orange cream texture of this chocolate just melted in my mouth and coated it with a really soft cream. It was all encompassing and just filled me with such comfort. It was powerful enough that it even made me forget that I was eating an orange flavoured chocolate. For a brief minute I was just enjoying this wonderful creamy texture. The problem was that the orange flavour did linger, so by the time my mouth was free and clear of that creamy texture, the orange flavour took over and I wasn’t as happy.

This is not a bad chocolate, in fact it’s a very good chocolate. I would imagine that if you like the chocolate and orange combination, this might be the best Quality Street chocolate.Unfortunately I’m not one of those people, but I really did have a moment with the cream, and I’ll remember it for a while.