Quality Street "Orange Crunch"


You can’t fault this candy for being misleading, it delivers exactly what it says in the name, Orange Crunch. The question is however, who wants to eat a crunchy orange? Actually there might be a slight misnomer with the name of this chocolate treat, I feel like it’s more of an orange grit than an orange crunch. Crunch to me is something like a cookie, or even a piece of praline, something that at first offers some resistance, and then breaks down to something a little gritty. I feel like you have to have substantial pieces of something hard to have a crunch. In this case it’s more like a scattering of small gritty pieces of sugar. While there is a texture there, it feels much more gritty than crunchy.

This doesn’t help my first argument either, in fact it might make it worse. While a crunchy orange sounds weird, a gritty orange sounds awful. The chocolate does help merge these two conflicting elements, since chocolate does work with gritty/crunchy things, and it also works with orange (at least to some). I just feel like the chocolate isn’t enough to cover up this weird combination, and I couldn’t get the strangeness of this chocolate treat out of my head the entire time I was eating it.

This is a fine gritty/crunchy chocolate, and if you like orange chocolate (I’m not a huge fan but I’m okay with it), it’s actually pretty powerful. I just feel like putting these two elements together doesn’t work. I give credit to Nestle for trying, but maybe try again. Maybe a gritty raspberry might work better.