Kamu Kamu Lemon


I think Japanese candies are very polarizing. You can either love a particular treat, or you'll probably totally hate it. The reason why this happens is actually what I love about Japanese treats, and that's because most Japanese candies don't hold back. It could be a really strong flavour, or it could be a really interesting texture, but many Japanese treats don't hold back any punches. Japanese treats are also the only treats that really intimidate me. I know that when I bite into any Japanese candy that I'm going to have a strong reaction, and the Kamu Kamu Lemon candy is no exception.

Fortunately for me the extreme part of this treat is the flavour, and the flavour is fantastic. Have you ever bitten into a lemon? If you have, you'll know that it's a pretty sour fruit, so sour that most people don't go back for a second bite. This is why I find it strange that many candies claim to be "lemon" flavoured, and have almost no sourness at all. If you're a sweet candy and you have the word "lemon" on your package, it should be followed up with "ade". To be a true lemon candy you don't have to be as bitter as a lemon, but you should be super sour. The Kamu Kamu lemon candy is very sour, and only a little bit sweet. You don't get a quick dose of sour followed by a soothing sweet flavour; you just get the sour. This is what a lemon candy should be.

Texture wise the Kamu Kamu lemon candy is OK. It seems like a cross between a jellybean and those soft marshmallow Easter eggs that come in various colours with a hard candy shell. At first, I thought that these might actually be a hard candy, but I was really happy that they weren't. It's not that I dislike hard lemon candies, I've just had so many of them that it's nice to have something a little different.

While the concept of a chewy lemon candy is not the most original, the flavour is powerful, and very, very lemony.