Raspberry Lemonade Candy Corn


I think that these are pretty good, for candy corn. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a total candy corn hater. I'm not a candy corn fan either. If I'm offered candy corn I'll eat it, but i rarely if ever seek it out. I don't actually understand why people “hate” it, but I do understand why it's very few people's favourite Halloween treat. Having said all of that, I think these are better than regular candy corn, both because they have a much more recognizable flavour, and the concept is pretty creative... I think.

My theory about this treat is that it's a candy corn that's supposed to emulate those rocket popsicles. The flavour is also supposed to represent the often lemon and fruity flavour of those popsicles. It's also very clever/fortunate that candy corn kind of have the same look as those rocket popsicles. I think as a concept these work in a rather creative way, assuming that this is what they were going for. I'm not 100% sure of this connection since I bought these at a bulk food store, and all the sign said was “Raspberry Lemonade Candy Corn”. It could be that I'm filling in some kind of random gaps to make these work in my head.

While I do like the concept, and I do like the flavour, there is one really big flaw. The description says that these are raspberry lemonade flavour, and frankly all I could taste is the lemonade. I really didn't taste anything raspberry about these at all. That's too bad because not only is raspberry a great flavour, but it goes so well with lemonade. They really need to dial up the raspberry to make these work a little better. It would be even more clever if they could give each layer their own distinct flavour, but maybe that's asking too much.

If you hate candy corn because of the “weird” flavour, give these a try. If you love candy corn for it's “weird” flavour, you might want to skip them. If you're just curious, pick up a few, but be prepared to be disappointed by the lack of raspberry.