Raspberry Creme Cakes

Mrs Freshley's

With a red as bright as the sun itself and the promise of cream in the centre, this is a treat I could not turn down. I have to say that the company name is one I've never heard of, and seeing as they sell snack cakes that never go bad, I have to wonder if Mrs. Freshley still exists. Even if the company goes out of business, I’m sure that the cakes will stand the test of time. Either way, I could tell I was in for some good time cake eating, and it wasn't even my birthday.

Now I have to be honest, two things kind of disappointed me about these Raspberry Crème Cakes. First of all, I thought or at least hoped, that it was raspberry cake all the way through this whole treat. Unfortunately, the raspberry was only on the outside. The cake inside was basically just a standard Twinkie colour and flavour. Not that I don't like Twinkies, but if I wanted a Twinkie, I'd buy a Twinkie. I was also disappointed at the presence of coconut on the outside of this cake, I'm just not a big fan of coconut.

I didn't really taste any raspberry either, which was also disappointing because it's written in huge letters on the package. If this was a raspberry cake with a strong raspberry flavour, I probably would have enjoyed it much more. The taste of the coconut didn't bother me as much as I thought it would, since I don’t like coconut. I may be developing a taste for it, but it could also be that I was so disappointed by the lack of raspberry flavour that I forgot all about how much I hated coconut.