May 2023

Country Ma'am Chocolate Chip Cookies


If you can't read Japanese, there is nothing on this package that will indicate what's inside. Not that's it's really a problem since the contents of this red package is a simple chocolate chip cookie... well kind of. It's not that this cookie has any of the regular weirdness one gets from most Japanese foods. It's not full of green tea or filled with some kind of weird jelly or anything. I think broadly you could define this as a cookie, the chocolate chip part is what's a little harder to confirm.

The problem with calling this a simple chocolate chip cookie is that all of the "chips" are clustered together in the centre of the cookie. So instead of having a cookie with a smattering of chocolate chips, you have a cookie filled with chocolate. This isn't a problem, but it is poor description on the package. I'm not sure if this chocolate chip issue is a fault in the factory, or a fault in the design. Either way it doesn't ruin this cookie, but it doesn't make it a chocolate chip cookie either.

The other problem I had with this cookie is a strange coffee flavour that seems to permeate the entire treat. I'm sure if you liked coffee you'd probably be OK with this, but I don't. The flavour really took over the chocolate flavour and totally eliminated the cookie entirely. It turned what could have been a fine cookie experience into something kind of meh.