Red Vines "Red Cherry Twists"

Red Vines

Another mystery of candy has revealed itself. What flavour is red licorice? I thought it was some kind of berry or maybe cherry, but according to the folks at Red Vines this isn’t necessarily true. Not only do they make the classic “red” flavoured licorice, but they also make a strawberry and cherry flavoured licorice as well. So, this leads me to wonder: what flavour is normal red licorice? I think I’ll have to investigate this further, but that’s another day, today I’m looking at cherry. Man, the Red Cherry Twists smell good, and I haven’t even opened the package yet.

I have to admit I’m a big fan of the fake cherry flavour, often my choice for everything from slushies to dentists' fluoride. These are chock full of the fake cherry flavour as well, so I can’t complain at all. In fact, rather than complain I think I’ll eat another. I’m also intrigued at how Red Vines manages to get the twists on their licorice to go all the way around without having a flat side. Other licorice sticks have the twists as well, but there’s always a flat side. These are round and twisty all around; it’s pretty cool.

I guess my only complaint would have to be the texture. They’re a little bit dry and tough. Maybe some people like the resistance you get from this treat, but I don’t think it’s working for me. I prefer something a little softer; I don’t want to work at my licorice, and my jaw isn’t that strong either.