Reese's Peanut Butter "& Banana Creme" Cups


I like bananas and peanut butter and I have ever since I was a kid. Elvis may have even played a part in my love of this peanut and fruit combination. I thought it was cool to eat something just like Elvis; this is strange because I really wasn't a big fan of his music or style. So, one might think that this flavour combination might be a good idea for a chocolate treat. It would if the banana was even somewhat real, and not a sickly gross fake flavour.

The cream in these Peanut Butter Cups is kind of gross or at least mine was. First of all, it was kind of hard and not really creamy at all. This could be that I had one that wasn’t stored properly, or it could be that the cream they used doesn’t stay fresh long. Secondly the cream had a very fake banana flavour, and that to me is one of the worst flavours in the world. I don't understand why candy companies can't seem to master either of these traits in their treats. It's so often that "creamy" treats end up as a white hard fudge like filling. Even worse is the horrible taste of fake banana flavours.

I can at least say this was a somewhat creative idea for Reese to use on their Peanut Butter Cups, putting Elvis on it is pretty clever too. The problem is that they really don't taste that great, and if you ever wanted it to really work, I recommend just going out and buying some banana pudding and dipping your Peanut Butter Cups in it.