Reese Big Cup "with Nuts"


We seem to do this a lot... you sit and read another review of the same treat with a slight variation. Most often you listen to me complain about the variation, and then we go about our day. Well, today is a little different, because today I'm singing a different tune. Why, you ask has my opinion changed on this subject? Well I have to admit, I kind of like this variation; it surprised me, and I thought it was pretty creative. It's not the fact that it's a big peanut butter cup since I'd eaten those way before Reese even put them out. For me, it's the idea of putting whole peanuts in a giant peanut butter cup. That is one truly brilliant idea!

As usual, this Reese Big Cup with Nuts is sweet as can be. I'm not faulting Reese for it, as I’m a pretty big fan of their sweetened peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate. I do find that with these big cups the peanut butter gets a little dry fairly quickly, particularly in the middle of the cup. Although they did thicken the chocolate on the outside a little for balance. The star of this show however is the full unbroken peanuts, they're great, something you can really sink your teeth into.

When you make a giant version of a classic treat, there are certain challenges you have to overcome. This giant peanut butter cup didn’t do it perfectly, but they managed it fairly well. The best thing is that they made a slight variation that worked really well, the full-sized peanuts. This fun new change makes up for the slight problems they had after scaling up.