Reese's "Inside Out" Cups


I bit into these Inside Out Cups and thought it was great. I have to admit, I was expecting a gimmick that either tasted exactly like normal Reese Peanut Butter Cups, or something that was just awful. What truly amazed me was how much the peanut butter coating tasted like peanut butter. I was expecting the peanut butter coating to be one of those horrible peanut butter flavoured chocolate deals, which almost never actually taste like peanut butter. In this case however it really tasted like peanut butter.

I'm still not sure if it was some kind of hardened peanut butter or if it was a peanut butter flavoured chocolate. I guess I'll have to get some more of these and double check, its a tough job but somebodies got to do it. The outside of these Inside Out Cups is great. The inside, well, I didn't really taste anything at all. I was hoping for a smooth chocolate flavour on the inside of these cups to balance with the peanut butter coating, but I didn't get that one bit. The peanut butter, although tasty, was just too strong compared to the chocolate center, and man was I thirsty after eating these.

These Inside Out Cups rank high for creativity, but I just can't see myself eating these on a regular basis. However, I probably will try another just to find out what the deal is with that peanut butter cup coating.