Reese Sticks


Those people at Reese sure know their peanut butter and chocolate. There aren’t too many companies out there that specialize in a candy combination. Most candy companies seem to focus on one particular kind of treat, like chocolate or gummies. Reese has instead decided that they would focus on the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. While they’ve mastered this combination with their peanut butter cups, they’ve also decided to expand into other treats with the peanut butter and chocolate combination. This is a daring move to make but judging by these it’s something that they’ve managed to pull off.

This is a great little snack with Reese’s classic peanut butter and chocolate combination. They managed to stay focused and keep the ratios of peanut butter and chocolate working really well. The nice part had to be the originality of these Reese Sticks. They took their classic ingredients and added wafers. It was a great combination of their tried and true combination with a nice crunchy texture.

I just hope these Reese Sticks stay on the market for a while, because they taste great.