Allsorts "Fruity Flavoured Without Licorice"

Amarula "Marula Fruit and Cream Chocolates"



Caramelicious Slab

Cookies & Cream Slab

Energade Sports Jellies

Hart Beat

Hello My Name Is Strawberry Cheesecake, Nice To Sweet You


Krackles "Tingly Cheese & Onion"

Lunch Bar

Mint Crisp Bar

Monkey Gland Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips

Nik Naks Maize Snack "Original Cheese Flavour"

Original Champion "Buttermilk Flavoured Toffee"

Original Champion "Candy Cola Flavoured Toffee"

Original Champion "Creamy Toffee"

Original Champion "Fruit Punch"

Original Champion "Original"

Peppermint Crisp

Symphony "Peanut Crunch"


Top Deck

Tropical Heat Potato Crisps "Tomato Flavour"

TV Bar

Viva Potato Crisps "Salt & Vinegar"