Kit Kat "British"


Bar Of Plenty "Roast Hazelnut & Honey Roast Cashews"

Dairy Milk "Australian"

Dairy Milk "British"

Kit Kat "Japanese"

Kit Kat "Rubies"

Ko-Ko Choco

M&M's "Caramel"


Beanermunky Assorted Chocolates

Caramello Koala

Chocolate Caramel Creams

Crème Egg

Doritos "Cool Ranch"

Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz

Frigor "Lait"

Girl Scout Thin Mints Pretzels

Hands Off My Chocolate "Melting Milk"

Jolly Rancher "Cherry"

Kit Kat "100% Sustainably Sourced Cocoa"

Kit Kat "Canadian"

Kit Kat Chunky "Choc Fudge Sundae"

Mars Delight


Miss Vickie's "Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar"

OMG's Clusters "Milk Chocolate"

Perugina Tablo "Fondente"

Pocky "Double Chocolate"

Reeds Cinnamon

Roger's Chocolates "Maple Cream"

Screme Egg

Shiny’ Acid

Smartfood Popcorn "White Cheddar"

Snack Sandwich

Squish "Honey Maracuja"


Theobroma Chocolat "Dark"

Theobroma Chocolat "Raspberry Chunks"


Tony’s Chocolonely ”Wit Framboos Knettersuiker"




Chocolate Hearts



Fazer "Raspberry Yogurt"

Golden Cubes

Goo Goo Cluster "The Original"

HBAF "Toffeenut Latte Almond"

Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips "Very Cherry"

Karl Fazer Crunchy "Caramel & Nougat"

Kit Kat "Golden Dragon"

Kit Kat "Malaysia"

Kit Kat "Mint Choc Whirl"

Kit Kat "United Arab Emirates"

Kit Kat "Vanilla Ice Cream"

Koala's March

Lacta Sandwich "Cracker"

Lay's "Chalet Sauce"

Lay's Taste of England "Cheddar Cheese Flavor"

M&M's Milk Chocolate Bar "Crispy"


Miss Vickie's Original Recipe "Reduced Fat"

Pesek Zman (Time Out) "2 Good"

Ritter Sport "Nugat"

Thortons "Viennese Truffle"



33% Cocoa Hokey Pokey Milk Chocolate Bar

Aero Truffle "Dark Cherry"


Chocolate Covered Pretzel "With Peanuts"

Chokka The Quokka

Cookie Pop Popcorn "Oreo"

Crunchie Gummies

Crunky "Chocolate Ice Bar"

Dairy Milk "Oreo Sandwich"

Dairy Milk "with Caramel"

Dark Chocolate Fortune Cookies


E. Wedel Czekolada Mleczna Toffi

Fazer "Peppermint Crisps"

Feastables "Milk Chocolate"


Fuzzy Peach

Galaxy "Smooth Milk"

Galaxy Caramel Collection "Salted Caramel"

Gummy Bears

HBAF "Carrotcake Almond"

Icecream Cake "With Cookies & Cream"

Iddy Biddy Bunnies

Kit Kat "Cookies"

Kit Kat "Hokkaido Melon"

Kit Kat "Popcorn Flavour"

Kit Kat "Sakura Matcha"

Kit Kat "Uji Matcha"

Kit Kat "Wa-Ichigo"

Kit Kat Chunky "Caramel"


Koala's March "Halloween"

Lay's "Turkish Yogurt & Herb"

Melk Noten

Nerds "Gummy Clusters"

Nutella Biscuits

OMG's Clusters "Peanut"

Petit Bit "Chocolate Almond"


Pocky "Chocolate Powder"

Pods "With Mars"

Raspberry Love Toffee

Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy "D'anjou Pear and Cinnamon"

Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy "Meyer Lemon & Raspberry"


Ananda Chocolate "Milk Chocolate"

Brazil Nut Toffee

Butter Cream Egg

Chipventures "Salty Licorice"

Chris & Larry's Clodhoppers "Vanilla Fudge"

Composed Taffy Sugar Cones

Dairy Milk "Bubbly"

Dairy Milk "Caramello"

Digestives Nibbles "Milk Chocolate"

Doritos "Nacho Cheese"

Fazer "Blue"

Ferrero Rocher


Gummy Crème Brûlée

Hello My Name Is Strawberry Cheesecake, Nice To Sweet You

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream

Ingwer-Zitrone (Lemon Ginger)

Jolly Rancher "Blue Raspberry"

Kandy Kookies

Kisses "Lava Cake"

Kit Kat "American"

Kit Kat "Cranberry and Almond"

Kit Kat "Gingerbread Cookie"

Kit Kat "Peach"

Kit Kat "Raspberry"

Kit Kat "Ruby Cocoa Beans"

Kit Kat "Whole Wheat"

Lay's "Honey Butter"

Lay's "Nori Seaweed Flavor"

Lay's "White Cheddar"

Lay's Inspired by "The United Kingdom Cheese & Onion"

L'il Scoops

Lindor White Chocolate Truffles

Lindt Frog Prince

Mazelo "Litchi"

Mint Caramel

Nimm 2 Boomki

Oh Henry! "Big Crunch Cookie Bar"

OMG's Clusters "Dark"

Original Hit

Peppermint Crisp

Pocky "Mango Flavour"

Prista Kulur

Quality Street "Toffee Penny"

Raley's "Tutti Frutti"

Ruffles "KFC Original Recipe Chicken"

Skittles "Orchards"


Squish "Red Roses"

Starburst "Original"

Strawberry Tart Cookies

Sweet & Salty Corn Bits

Taiyaki Ice

Temptations "Cashew Appeal"

Tic Tac "Orange"

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight "Rose, Pistachio, and Pomegranite"

Werther's Original

Werther’s Original Soft

Wine Gums "Special Edition Canada 150"



Aero Truffle "Milk Chocolate"

Baby Star Mini "Fried Noodles"

Badami Stick

Bliss "Creme de Menthe"

Candee Slurpee

Charleston Chew Rollers "Vanilla"

Cherry Lovers

Chips Oman "Chilli Flavour"

Chocolate Caramel Pumpkins

Chupa Chups "Chocolate Vanilla Flavour"

Creme Savers "Strawberry and Creme"

D'aim "Rocks"

Dairy Milk Marvellous Creat!ons "Jelly, Popping Candy & Beanies"

Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations "Cookie Nut Crunch"

Discover Flavour

Easter Egg "Sour Blue Raspberry"

Emirates Dates & Almond Chocolate

Everlasting Gobstopper

Every Burger

Galaktos With Almonds


Galaxy "Caramel"

Ghirardelli Squares "Milk Chocolate Caramel"

Gotcha Alien

Grape Soda Flavoured Caramel Corn

Green and Black's "Organic Milk Chocolate Egg"

Gummy Pumpkins

Hershey Make Your Own Chocolate Bar

Jellies Khatti Meethi Imlee

Kamu Kamu Lemon

Kit Kat "Merry Breakmas"

Kit Kat "Plum Soda"

Kit Kat "Potato?"

Kit Kat "Thailand"

Kit Kat Chunky

Kit Kat Chunky "Peanut Butter"


Lay's "Cinnamon Bun"

Lay's "Dill Pickle + White Cheddar"

Lay's "Indian Curry Style"

Lay's "Oregano"

Les Schtroumpfs

Lindor Hazelnut Truffles

M&M's "Crispy"

Maitosuklaakonvehti Hasselpahkinakerma Ja Murotaytteelia

Mike and Ike "Original Fruits"

Milk Chocolate Eggs "with a Hazelnut Praline Fillilng"

Milky Way "Crispy Rolls"

Mini Eggs "British"

Nestlé Crunch "Caramel"

Ninja Business Man Mango Candies

Nuts About Caramel

Organic Berries In A Mix Of Chocolates

Organic Candy Floss "Canadian Maple"

Original Gourmet Cream Swirl "Mystery Flavor"

Ozmo Cornet

PB & Joy "Peanut Butter & Chocolate"

Peanut Slab

Penne Straws "Cinnamon Churro"


Pocky "Grape Squeeze"

Pop Zoial (Marvel Super Heroes) "Incredible Hulk"

Puccho Stick "Grape"

Rainbow Nerds

Reese's Big Cup "with Potato Chips"

Reese's Pieces "Peanut"

Rhubarb & Strawberry Semifreddo

Ritter Sport "Haselnuss"

Ritter Sport "Joghurt"

Roger's Chocolates "Vanilla"

Salmiakki "Ice Cream"



Snickers "Adult Bitter"

Sour Cherry Blasters

Space Raiders

Spud Nuts

Sugar & Spice Collection

Tartufi Di Cioccolato

Terry's Chocolate Orange "Milk"


Vraiment Bon "Praliné Spécial"


Wine Gums

Wispa "Mint"


100 Grand

100 Grand "2 Piece Share Pack"


Baby Star Cup Snack Noodle "Yakisoba Flavour"

Baby Star Ramen "Umashi"

Balisto "Almond and Honey"


Big Purple One


Boss Double "Caramel"


Bunny Fields "Solid Milk Chocolate"

Cal Cheese

Candy Yuzu & Kinkan

Caramel and Pistachio

Caramel Bonbon

Caramilk "Choc-o-Men"

Cashew Crunch

Cassava Chips

Charleston Chew "Vanilla"

Charms "Cherry"


Chicken Bones

Choco Chip Matcha Cookies


Chocolate Frogs & Collectable Cards

Chocolate Mascots "Wenlock and Mandeville"

Chocolate Truffle


Combos "Cheddar Cheese Cracker"

Cracker Jack Brittle

Crème Egg "Mini"


Dairy Milk "Fireworks"

Dairy Milk "Snack"

Desserts Sugar-Free Gum "Apple Pie"

DiDO "Kare"

Dips Peanut Butter and Pretzel Sandwiches

Disney Character Gummies

Doritos "Ketchup"

Easter Egg "Marshmallow"

Energade Sports Jellies

Fla-Ver "Popcorn"


Galaxy "Cookie Crumble"

Galaxy "Desserts of Arabia"

Gummy Airplanes

Hershey's "Candy Corn"

Honey Delights "Lemon"

Ice Chips Candy "Root Beer Float"

Jelly Belly "Buttered Popcorn"

Jolly Rancher "Grape"

Karl Fazer "Blueberry Truffle"

Karl Fazer "Lontoo Rae"

Kif-Kef (Fun Fun)

Kisses "Sugar Cookie"

Kit Kat "Cookie Crumble"

Kit Kat "Dark"

Kit Kat "Green Tea"

Kit Kat "Ramune"

Kit Kat "Vegan"

Kit Kat "White Peach"

Kit Kat Chunky "Hazelnut Cream"

Kit Kat Mini "Mocha"

Kotabe "Chestnut"

L&P Slab

Lay's "Feta Flavour"

Lay's "Ketchup Tango"

Lay's "Miengkam Krobros Flavor"

Lay's Thai Taste "Extreme Hot Chili Flavor"

Lay's Thai Taste "Green Curry Flavour"

Life Savers "Black Currant Pastilles"

Lik-m-aid "Fun Dip"

Lion "Peanut"

M&M's "Pretzel"

M&M's "White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs"

Mackintosh's "Mack" Toffee


Make Your Own Gummy Pizza

Maple Sugar Toffee

Max 5


Milk Chocolate With Popping Candy

Milka "Milk Chocolate"

Millions "Black Currant Buzz"

Mini Churros "Original"

Mini Eggs "Canadian"

Monkey Gland Sauce Flavoured Potato Chips


Nerds "Grape/Strawberry"

Nik Naks Maize Snack "Original Cheese Flavour"

Oh Henry! "4:25"

Oh Henry! "Oh Canada!"


Organic Dark Chocolate "with Sea Salt & a Touch of Organic Caramel"

PEI Cud Spuds

Pirulo "Lollipop"

Reese "Hazelnut Creme" Cups

Rhubarb Custards

Ring Pop Heart "Strawberry Crush"



Salted Egg Fish Skins

Skittles "Dips"

Skittles "Giants"

Sour Punch "Punchies"

Spiced Rum & Cola Cuba Libre

Spiced Chili Ginger Hearts

Star Popeye Snack

Starburst "Snakes"

Sunburst Candy Coated Sunflower Kernels


Tostitos Mini Size Rounds "Hint of Lime"

Traditional Liquorice Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs


Tryffeli Pussi

Twizzlers Twists "Strawberry"

Walkers "Puckering Pickled Onion"


Whole Bean

Wonka Bar


100 Grand "With Peanuts"

A Chocolate

Acid Pop

Airheads "White Mystery"

Amazon Brittle

Babahela Miruko Sakusaku Candy "Banana and Strawberry"

Barbecue Korean and Seaweed Biscuit

Big Foot "Original"

Big In Your Mouth "Grapes"

Big League Chew "Otta Here Original"

Bigga "Vanilla Milk Flavour"

Black Thunder

Bliss "Milk Chocolate with a Meltaway Center" Bar

Bottle Caps


Calippo Lightsaber Ice "Blue Lemon Flavour"

Candy Pop Popcorn "Sour Patch Kids"

Caramel Apple Pops

Caramelicious Slab

Caramilk "Deluxe"


Chicken Wing Gummy

Chocolate Covered Jujubes

Chocolate Kimochi

Clotted Cream Fudge

Cocoa Hernando Discovers "India"

Cow Ear Snackers

Cream Puff "Strawberry Cream"


Crunchie Egg

Curly Wurly "Squirlies"

Dairy Milk "Ritz"

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies

Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

Doritos Late Night "Buffalo Hot Wings"


E. Wedel "Mleczna Truskawkowa"

Easter Break "Kit Kat"



Eggnog Almond

Ethel M Chocolates

Fini Tennis "Lemon Lime"


Freshen-up "Bubble Gum"


Galler Pure Cocoa "Praline Aux Noix"


Gummi Bear-Rings

Gummi Belt "Cola"

Gummi Nerds

Gummy Earth Worms

Hershey "Raisins & Almonds"


Ice Cream Waffle Bar

Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly "Holiday Favorites"

Jelly Belly Sugar Free Gum "Berry Blue"

Jelly Filled Nougat Roll with Pistachios and Rose Water

Kikori No Kirikabu



Kit Kat "Caramel Pudding'

Kit Kat "Duo Milk Tea Flavour"

Kit Kat "Gold"

Kit Kat "Raspberry Blast"

Kit Kat "Toffee Treat"

Kit Kat "Triple Chocolate"

Kit Kat "Whole Wheat Biscuits"

Kit Kat Chunky "Kinako"

Koala March "Red Bean"

Koume Umeboshi Gummy

Lay's "Lasagna"

Lay's "Mango Chutney"

Lay's Cooling Sensation "Icy Lemon Flavor"

Lay's Inspired by "Thailand Thai Sweet Chili"



Little Hen

Long Gummy "UHA"

M&M's "Peanut"

Magical Elves

Man Bait "Maple Bacon Lollipop"

Manner "Original Neapolitaner"


Maoam Kracher

Maple Sugar

Mars Bar "Canadian"

Mars Bar "With Almonds"

Maxi Choco-Freta

Meller "Dark Chocolate"

Milkita "Strawberry"

Mini Eggs "Popping"

Mint Buds

Mobicorn Premium Popcorn "Crunchy Caramel"

Natsukashi Ramune

Nerds "Rope"

Oblea de Cajeta

Oh! Cool!

Olde Timey Peppermint Candy "Pure Sugar Sticks"

Onion Rings

Oreo "The Most Stuff"

Organic Fruit Lollipop "Tooberry Blueberry"

Palm Sugar

Penne Straws "Mac ‘N Cheese"

Pepero "X Crunky"

PEZ "Orange Candy"


Pixie "Original Caramel"

Popcorn Snax

Pretz "Tomato"

Pretzel Pieces "Buttermilk Ranch"

Pringles Select "Cinnamon Sweet Potato"

Puccho Stick "Soda"

Puchitto Kudamono "Orange"

Pure Gummy "Lemon Gummy"

Reese Big Cup "with Nuts"

Reese's Bells

Risoletto Classic

Ritter Sport "Butter Biscuit"

Root Chips

Rose Nougat

Ruffles "Regular"

Skittles "Bubble Gum"

Snack Jack "Green Pea Snack"

Snack Shortcake

Snickers "Malaysia"

Sour Patch Kids "Black Raspberry Coal"

Sour Patch Kids "Tricksters"

Sun Chips "Harvest Cheddar"

Super Dickmann's

Super Imli Candy

Sweet Potato Candy

Taste Tations


Toffee & Nib "70% Cacao"

Toffee Crisp

Tootsie Pop "Grape"

Top Ten



Twix "Fino"


Uncle Chipps "Spicy Treat"

Wall's Asian Delight "Black Bean"

Watermelon Bites

White Rabbit

Wild Strawberry Fields

Yan Yan "Double Cream - Chocolate Flavoured Cream and Banana Cream"




4D Gummy "Fruits"

5 Star "Crunchy"

Ananda Chocolate "100%"

Apricot Jelly and Nougat Roll

Bake Yaki Choco

Blackberry and Hibiscus


Cactus Candy


Cartridge Candy


Champagne Truffle

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites



Coffee Crisp "Orange"

Cow Tales "Caramel Brownie"

Cow Tails "Chocolate"

Crispy Crunch

Curly Wurly

Dairy Milk "Silk"

Dairy Milk "Tiffin"

Doritos Dinamita "Mojo Citron"

English Toffee Bites

Extra "Peach"

Fleur de Caramel - á la Fleur de Sel

Freyju Djupur Sukkuladihjupadur (aka Puffin Eggs)

Fries "Zesty Onion Flavor"

Fruits No Mori

Galaxy "Minstrels"

Garden Ganache "Passion Fruit"

Garlic Savoury


Giant Chewy Nerds

Giant Smarties

Gobo Karinto

Gummy Bug

Gummy Mango

Häagen-Dazs "Caramel Cone Explosion"

Halloween Candy Teeth "Zombie"

Hershey's Cookie + Caramel

Hershey's "With Skor"

Hot Tamales "Spiced Flavoured Jelly Beans"

In Chocolate Sesame Snacks

Iso Stor Patkis

Ivory Mountain

IWAB "Sweet" (Sweet Hearts?)

Jolly Rancher "Green Apple"

Juicy Bugs Candy

Kex Choklad

Kit Kat "Matcha Green Tea"

Kit Kat "Matcha"

Kit Kat "Senses Hazelnut"

Kit Kat "Strawberry Cheesecake"

Kit Kat Bar "Double Choco and Almond"

Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone "Chocolate Vanilla"

KurKure "Masala Munch"

Lay's "P.E.I. Loaded Baked Potato"

Lay's "Sabor Jamon Presunto"


Lindt Excellence "70% Cocoa"

Lotsa Fizz

M&M's "Almond"

M&M’s Mix "Peanut"

Mackinac Fudge

Malt Balls

Marble Chocolate

Marshville Assorted Chocolates

Meltykiss "Chocolate"

Mike and Ike "Cherri and Bubb"

Miss Vickie's "Sweet & Spicy Ketchup"

MooVitz "Chocolate Milk"

Moritz Original Icy Squares

Mountain Taffy

Nabati "Pink Lava"

Nacho Karamell

Nom Yen Snack



Nutty Chews

Organic Fruit Lollipop "Pucker Pamegranate"

Original Gourmet "Candy Apple"

Original Gourmet "Cherry Cheesecake"

Original Peanut Chews

Party Mix

Party Snack

Passion Flakie "Apple-Raspberry"

Peeps "Gingerbread Men"

Perugina Tablo "Gianduia"

Pizza Noodle Snack

Pocky "Almond Taste"

Pocky "Milk"

Pocky "Strawberry"

Popin' Cookin' "Taiyaki Odango"


Presidentti "Xylitol Chewing Gum"

Pretz 'Roast"

Prince Polo

Pucca Choco Pretzel

Pure Gummy "Grape Gummy"

Quality Street "Caramel Swirl"

Rainbow Rope

Red Vines "Original Red Twists"

Reese Hearts

Reese's Swoops

Rev 7 "Natural Spearmint"

Ring Pop "Strawberry Splash"

Rocher Praliné "Lait"


Sicilian Pistachio and Rose Petal Artisan Chocolate Bar

Sirius Rjomasukkuladi

Slim Jim "Original"

Sliwka Naleczowska



Snickers "Crisper"

Snickers "Pumpkins"

Sno Caps

Sour Patch Kids (Irish Version)

Squish "Tarantula"

Super Sour Hearts


Sweety "Strawberry"

Think Gum

Tooth Ache Candy

Top Deck

Turkish Delight "Pistachio"

Turtles "Bites"

Twinkies "Chocolate Cake"

Twix "Cookies & Creme"

Unreal Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar

Wunderbar Roll

Yawa Mochi Ice

Zoo "Original"