Act II Popcorn Ball


Asterix Popping Powder

Astronaut Ice Cream

Bananna "Chocolate"


Bigga "Vanilla Milk Flavour"

Black Sesame Treat

Bubbly Santa

Bunny Fields "Solid Milk Chocolate"

Buzz Bites


Candee Slurpee

Candy Buttons

Caotonic Choco

Caplico Stick "Chocolate Flavoured"

Caramel Bunnies

Caramello Koala

Cartridge Candy

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Cream Bell

Chips Ahoy "Candy"

Cho Cho Cheese Snack

Choco Flake "Milk Caramel"

Choco Kit "Ice Cone"

Chocolate Coal Boulders

Chocolate Frogs & Collectable Cards

Chocolate Mascots "Wenlock and Mandeville"

Chocolate Star Things

Chocolate Sushi Rice

Chocolate-Coated Kaki-No-Tane Rice Crackers

Composed Taffy Sugar Cones

Cracker Jack Brittle

Crème Egg

Dino Island Pudding

Dairy Milk In Lickables

Dippy Melon Tree

DIY My Burger


Easter Break "Kit Kat"

Easter Egg "Marshmallow"

Easter Egg "Sour Blue Raspberry"

Edible Easter Grass

Fabulicious Sherbert Fizz

Fizzy Pellet Thing

Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy



Gobo Karinto

Grape Almond Candy

Green and Black's "Organic Milk Chocolate Egg"

Heavenly Hash Dark Chocolate Egg

Honey Sips

Iddy Biddy Bunnies

It's Happy Bunny Toasted Marshmallow Egg

Katuo Ume


Kitty Boy Fruity Cream Cone "Chocolate Vanilla"

Kotabe "Chestnut"


Kumquat Candy

Lik-m-aid "Fun Dip Tropical"

Lik-m-aid "Fun Dip"

L'il Scoops

Lindt Frog Prince

Lindt Ghosts

Little Hen

Lucky Elephant "Pink Candy Popcorn"

Mackinac Fudge

Magical Elves

Mallo Cup

Maoam Kracher

Maple Sugar

Milk Chocolate Bun "Maple & Roasted Peanut"

Milk Tablet "Sweetened Flavour"

Mini Cola

Mochi Choco

Mochi Cream "Mochi Mochi Mochi Cream Uji-Kintoki"

Moritz Original Icy Squares

Mr. Stache

Nerds "Rope"

Neru Neru Nerune "Ramune Soda"

Nestlé Ball

Oblea de Cajeta

Oreo Candy

Organic Candy Floss "Canadian Maple"



Ozmo Cornet

Peanut Coconut Brittle


PEI Cud Spuds

Peppermint Patties

Popcorn Snax

Popeye Candy Sticks

Popin' Cookin' "Festival (Carnival) Food"

Popin' Cookin' "Sushi"

Pudding Baby


Quax "The Yummy Ducky"

Ramba Chocoblobs Extruded Snack

Red Bean Puffs

Reese Reester Bunny

Reese's Swoops

Salame In Cioccolate (Chocolate Salami)

Santa's Cotton Candy

Screme Egg


Star Popeye Snack

Sweet Potato Candy

Takoyaki Candy Kit

Taro Seafood Snack

Taste-T-Picks "Cinnamon Toothpicks"

Terry's Chocolate Orange "Milk"

Tooth Ache Candy

Traditional Liquorice Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs

Turtles "Egg"


Walnut Whip


Watermelon Bites

Wonder Capsule "Hello Kitty"


Yan Yan "Double Cream - Chocolate Flavoured Cream and Banana Cream"

Zoryane Syaivo