Ritter Sport "Marzipan"

Ritter Sport

There are a few candy ingredients that I generally don't like, licorice, fake banana, fake watermelon, and marzipan. Don't get me wrong, I'm open to trying new versions of these treats, and sometimes I'm even OK with snacks that feature these components. It's just that when I'm handed a treat with these components in them, I get a little nervous.

I know many people who love Marzipan, but I find that it tastes like strange sickly-sweet liquor. I have had marzipan that I've enjoyed in the past, when blended with something like chocolate, it can be fine. Whenever I eat this pureed almond treat, I always think that it would probably be better if the almonds were simply toasted and left whole. I guess I look at marzipan as a way to wreck perfectly good almonds.

This particular bar is the signature bar of Ritter Sport, I'm sure it's because Germans are huge fans of marzipan. Of the many marzipan treats I've tasted in my life; I can say that this one ranks as one of my favourites. The ratio of marzipan to chocolate is nice; the quality of the chocolate is excellent as well.

This treat is a fine example of marzipan, mostly because it's in a limited quantity and covered in really nice chocolate. While this bar is fine, it would have been excellent had they decided to just toast the almonds and leave them whole instead.