Ritz Wafer Roll "Cheese"


The more I ate these cookies, the more I liked them. When I bought them, I wasn’t sure what direction they were going. Were these cookies going to be savoury crackers filled with cheese, or sweet cookies filled with a cheese flavoured icing. Either way I knew that they would either be sweet or savoury, and I was betting on savoury. The thing is, they’re kind of both. I know I’ve mentioned many times on this site that I like sweet and savoury together, however I’ve had several experiences where this has also gone wrong, and most of these bad experiences have involved an attempt to make sweet cheddar cheese.

When I bit into my first wafer roll I realized that this was going to be another strange savoury/sweet cheddar cheese experience. I’ll say that after my first few wafer rolls, I was more on the side of these being a failure over a success. They weren’t so bad that I couldn’t get them down, but I wasn’t loving them either. I decided to try and get through the entire box of these wafer rolls, more in a effort to get rid of them than anything else. Around the second package of them (4th or 5th wafer roll), I started to actually kind of like them. For some reason the sweet cookie roll was blending better with the savoury cheese filling.

I think it has something to do with the after taste. I think the creamy cheese mixes with the sweet cookie after a few wafer rolls. After the first few rolls I found that the salty cheese flavour balanced a little bit better with the sweet creamy cookie. I can’t say that I loved them by the time I was done, but I didn’t mind them that much.

In general I would say that these aren’t worth seeking out, but if you find them and you’re interested, you might find them to be peculiar and worth a try.