Rocky Road


Rocky road works as an ice cream, but does it work as a bar? I know for some of you, rocky roads might have been a bar first. For me, my first memories of rocky road was as an ice cream. I had a summer of my life where rocky road was my ice cream of choice. I liked it because it had chocolate ice cream, nuts, and it was one of the only ways that I actually enjoyed marshmallows as a kid. I also remember this summer as being one where we went to our cottage, and I somehow associate rocky road ice cream with fun summer adventure. I’ve tasted homemade rocky road bars before, but how does it work as a mass-produced chocolate bar?

Well, I can't say I’m a big fan, at least in this case. The strange thing about this Rocky Road bar is the fact that the part I thought I'd least like, turned out to be the part I didn't mind too much. I'm not a big fan of marshmallows, well that's not really that fair, I don't mind them, but only if they’re done right. Marshmallow should be used to accent treats, when marshmallows take over treats, it just doesn't cut it. I'll tell you the real problem I had with this bar; it's probably not what you think. It was the cashews. Yes, the nut that to me is considered one of the best nuts to eat really didn't cut it in this bar. Actually, I've learned that chocolate covered-cashews don't hold up at all either, and this bar proves that maybe cashews don’t work with chocolate.

I guess the main redeeming factor of this bar was that the chocolate wasn't that bad and although I'm not a big fan of marshmallow, it balanced well with the chocolate. I think it just needed something like peanuts or almonds to improve that third element.