Caramel Center Rolo Ice Cream Bar


Another in our "Ice Cream" selections, the Rolo is a perfect snack for a hot day. It’s always nice to have an option on a hot day when you want a chocolate treat. If I tried to eat a regular Rolo on a hot day it would have melted all over my fingers. Worst of all it wouldn’t have cooled me off at all. While I can’t ever say that I don’t want to eat chocolate, hot days can make it a challenging choice. That’s why it’s great to be able to eat one of your favourite chocolate treats in a cool ice cream form.

The only disappointment from this Rolo ice cream was that the caramel only goes about half way down the popsicle. I might have been OK with this if it didn’t say “Caramel Center” right on the package. This implies that there will be caramel in the center of the whole bar, not just the top half. While I’m sure this happened because of a manufacturing issue, it’s still pretty disappointing. It also doesn’t represent the Rolo very well. Maybe it would work better if they made these into some kind of handheld ice cream nugget instead. That way they could fill them right up with caramel.

The other parts of this ice cream treat were all good. It’s a basic chocolate ice cream with a hard chocolate coating. On a hot day it’s exactly what you want, but my sweet tooth could have used a little more caramel.