Sanded Candy Drops "Root Beer"

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies

The first thing I want to tell you about this candy is that I like the sanded part, a lot. I'm not saying it's the strongest part of the treat; it just made me happy when I put it in my mouth. I think I like the sanded part of this candy because it's really old-fashioned. The sand on these root beer drops are really a retro treat; simple powdered sugar over a root beer candy. The small amount of research I've done into the history of candy tells me that this is truly a classic method of candy enjoyment.

Root beer is a difficult flavour for me. I had a bad experience with root beer when I was a kid. Without getting into too much detail, let me just say that if you find a really old can of root beer, I mean really old, don't drink it. This candy managed to suspend my fear of root beer and let me enjoy the flavour without any fear. Maybe some day I'll get over the fear completely, but until then, it's nice when I'm pleasantly surprised at how good some root beer candies can be.

The only thing I find strange when I'm eating a soda-pop flavoured candy is the lack of sparkle. Soda candies without carbonation always seem a little odd to me. It’s as if the flavour of root beer is calling out for some fizz. While the sanded coating did give it a bit of texture, it really didn’t make up for the carbonation you normally get in a glass of root beer.

Suck Time : 12 min