Caramel Apple "Big Bite"

Russell Stover

The package says that this candy is "naturally apple flavoured". I find this odd, because as far as I knew apples actually had a flavour. I'm also pretty sure that apples don't taste like caramel or chocolate. I say this because after eating this whole candy I could not for the life of me taste any apple at all. There was not hint on the first bite, nothing came up while I let the caramel melt on my tong, and no apple aftertaste. I have to be honest, I generally don't like fake apple flavours, and so I wasn't really that disappointed that this had no apple flavour. However, I don't really like it when a candy promises something and doesn't deliver, even if I don't like what it's going to deliver. So I guess I could say that I'm fairly disappointed.

The only thing that's keeping this candy in my good books at all are the quality of the ingredients that actually exist. The chocolate is smooth and tasty, melts perfectly in your mouth. The caramel is slightly chewy, tastes great, and is in perfect balance with the chocolate. The shape is kind of fun too, it's an apple.

Other than the shape, this candy has nothing to do with an apple at all. I tried really hard to taste any kind of apple flavour, but I just couldn't. This is by no means a gross candy, in fact it's really tasty, I just don't like it when I'm told one thing, and given another.