Glazed Nuts "Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt"

Sahale Snacks

Yes, I know this isn't really candy, I mean technically it's mixed nuts, but they are coated with honey so they are candy coated. If chocolate covered peanuts can be a candy, then so can honey coated nuts. Best of all there’s some nutritional advantage to these, since nuts are healthy. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little healthy food mixed with your candy, I mean as long as they’re yummy.

Fortunately, these Glazed Nuts are certainly in the yummy category. The subtle blend of sweet and savoury works really well. The amount of honey and salt is balanced perfectly, not too sweet and not too salty. Not to mention the extra sesame seed flavour that isn't in the name of the treat but it really adds a whole lot of flavour. For a bag of mixed nuts, it has a really complex flavour.

This leads me to the cranberries, they're mentioned on the package, however I didn't even notice them until I was halfway through the bag. I think you might be able to cut them right out of this treat and it would have been just as good. They don’t ad anything that really improves these nuts. Instead, the sesame seeds should get top billing and the cranberries should be forgotten.