Snap and Crackle

Swizzels Matlow

If I had to point out one part of this package that is misleading, I would say that it’s the word “Crackle”. The impression I got from this candy is that I would be eating some kind of chewy stick, most likely some kind of taffy, with some kind of bursting or crackling texture. My assumption was that I was going to be eating a bar of taffy filled with popping candy or something. After reading the package with a bit more detail, I thought that maybe the taffy bar would be filled with little pockets of sour or super powerful fruit flavour. Alas I was to be disappointed on this day.

As it turns out this is just a stick of fruit taffy, and that’s all. There are small specks of colour throughout the stick of taffy, but other than appearance they seem to do nothing. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the simple taffy. It’s got a great soft texture to it, that gives your mouth a good workout yet doesn’t make you regret eating it halfway through either. The fruit flavour is a little odd, only in that I can’t really tell you what fruit it’s supposed to be. My guess is some kind of fruit punch, but I couldn’t pinpoint any one fruit at all. That’s not really a problem, as the flavour was pleasant enough.

If someone was to hand me this stick of taffy with a blank package, I would have been much happier than I am right now. The package indicates that there’s something fun and exciting in this package, but really it’s just a stick of fruit taffy. There’s nothing shocking, surprising, and most importantly nothing crackling about this candy at all. The only thing that shocked me at all, was the lack of shock value.