Snickers "Cruncher"


This new Snickers treat is really not much to write home about. The fact that it's called Snickers is the first misleading part of this bar, the only similarity between this Snickers Cruncher and a classic Snickers is the peanut flavor. The other misleading part of this bar has to be the word “Cruncher” in the name. For a bar that uses such a powerful word to describe its texture, it really was not that crunchy at all.

This is another example of a candy company focusing on marketing over making a great candy bar. I feel like the people at Mars figured that if you put the word Snickers on it, then people would buy it, even though this bar doesn’t feel like a Snickers bar at all. I also feel like they could have tried harder to find a word that describes the texture, it’s as if they did some research and found that “crunch” sells candy. The used an updated version of the word “crunch” even though their bar was actually lacking anything crunchy.

This bar wasn't that bad objectively, but I probably would rather have a real Snickers Bar instead. If they had tried to market this bar as something else, it wouldn’t have been such a disappointment. The problem is when you set expectations up by comparing it to a classic bar with a buzz friendly word, it just doesn’t hold up at all.