Sour Patch Kids (North American Version)


Are the blue Sour Patch Kids new? I can't say that I remember them as a kid. I thought that there were just red, yellow, green, and orange Sour Patch Kids in the past. It's been a few years since I've had North American Sour Patch Kids, so maybe I'm just not remembering. The reason I bring up the fact that these are from North America, is because I've had the Irish version of Sour Patch Kids relatively recently. The difference between the North American Sour Patch Kids and the Irish Sour Patch Kids are the blue ones. The North American Sour Patch Kids have a fairly light blue coloured gummy, while the Irish Sour Patch Kids have a dark purple one instead.

When it comes to the red, green, yellow, and orange Sour Patch Kids, I can't really tell you if there's any difference from the Irish version, I simply don't remember the details of their flavours. These ones are tasty, each with a distinct flavour. The citrus flavours, yellow lemon, green lime, and orange... well orange, seem to be sourer than the rest, but I'm not sure if that's just in my head. This was similar with the Irish version and I found them to be very sour, and in both cases I wasn't able to go through a whole bag in one go because of that. The texture was fairly soft, but after a while you might get a bit of a sore jaw.

So, all that's left to do now is compare the light blue from the purple. I remember the purple Sour Patch Kids from Ireland being really tasty, and having a flavour similar to the dark purple wine gums. The light blue Sour Patch Kids on the other hand are very disappointing. I think they're supposed to be blueberry, but I'm not really sure. The flavour is really hard to figure out, and there's something overly perfumed about them. The blue flavour also doesn't mesh well with the other flavours. It makes me believe that these blue Sour Patch Kids are a new addition, because it seems like the flavour doesn't work naturally with the rest. The purple Sour Patch Kids from Ireland on the other hand gave a really deep flavour contrast in comparison.

While I won't say that I don't like these Sour Patch Kids, I can say that they're not my favourite gummies. It's very rare that I seek Sour Patch Kids out, but when I do I would rather grab a handful of Irish Sour Patch Kids if given the opportunity, they're just a bit better than these.