Sour Magic Gum


How many bizarre textures can you possibly fit into one candy? It seems like the folks making this treat are trying to figure that out. The thing you have to figure out about candy companies that put so many different textures together, is why they would want to do that. Rare, candy companies put these textures together because in some weird way they work. To create such a candy takes a great deal of research and testing. You have to get the ratios of each ingredient just right, and you have to understand how each texture is going to work with the other. This is the rare case, most of the time candy companies just slap a bunch of popular candies together and hope for the best. This is the case of just slapping these textures together, with no thought at all.

The key selling point of this candy is the package, or the promise of the crazy fun times you’re going to experience when you eat this candy. This is one of those candy's that gives you an example of what you should look like after eating their treat. Sadly, the reference on the package is way off from the reality of what it’s like eating these.

Strangely, the ratio wasn’t the biggest problem with this treat, the main problem being that it really isn't sour. If you’re going to create a crazy candy, and one of the features is sour, it better be pretty sour. The popping candy is okay, but I would say that it doesn't have the power of Pop Rocks. The gum was also fine, but nothing that great. I think the disappointment of this candy is that it wasn’t as crazy as was advertised. I think they needed to work on the ratio of ingredients, as well as the quality of the ingredients to make it a more extreme candy. There were some textures and flavours blended together, but they were just kind of average and not what I was expecting.