Spearmint Leaves

Ferrara Pan Candy

I think you're either going to love or hate these gummies. I will admit right off the bat, mint flavoured gummies is a strange concept. Mint in gum, tea, and as a green leaf works fairly well, mint in chocolate even seems to work, but mint gummies objectively seems a little weird. If you can get over that, and if you like minty candy in general, you'll probably enjoy these gummies. You might even love them, as I do, particularly because it's kind of a unique idea that works. Most gummies and jellies are fruit flavoured, and it's very rare to get anything a little out of the ordinary. Mint, while a common flavour in candy, is not a common gummy flavour.

If I had to compare the flavour of these to anything, I would say they resemble a mint green jelly bean. In fact, if you took the hard shell off of a mint green jelly bean, this is pretty much what you're going to get. Texture wise I might compare these closer to a jelly than a gummy as your teeth sink into these Spearmint Leaves so easily. Shape wise I like the idea that they didn't go for anything too out of the ordinary, it's a mint flavoured gummy shaped like a mint leave. It may not be an exciting shape, but it represents the flavour well.

If you want to try something different, you should try these. You might like them, or you might hate them, but either way it's well worth a try.