Drumstick Squashies "Raspberry & Milk Flavour"


I think the person who designed these didn't really think the look of this candy all the way through. When I first saw these sitting on a shelf, I assumed that they were erasers. I even squished the bag a bit and still wasn't convinced. The words "Raspberry & Milk" jumped out at me, but I thought that maybe it was just a bag of scented erasers. After seeing them a few more times in the candy section in a few different stores I decided that these had to be something consumable. I sure hope that's true because I just finished eating an entire bag.

One of the reasons I didn't just pass these by was because I did see them in several places (in Ireland), so I assumed that they must be pretty popular, and maybe even good. Turns out, that's not really the case. While the raspberry flavour is OK, there's nothing that impressive about these at all. The raspberry flavour is a little bit unique, in that not many gummy candies come in raspberry, and it tasted fairly good, but it just wasn't that strong a flavour. The milky flavour watered down what could have been the star of the show. It's not to say that the milky flavour was bad, it just wasn't necessary.

Texture wise I'm actually a little disappointed that these weren't more like erasers. "Squashy" is certainly a good way to describe the texture. They are much closer to a Squashy texture but they’re more like a marshmallow than a gummy, but a little bit firmer. I would have preferred much firmer texture than what these are though. I'm not a huge fan of super soft gummies. I like a soft dense gummy, like you get with a jelly candy, but these just feel like they're full of air.

These look like erasers, taste slightly of raspberry, and are a little too soft for my liking.