January 2023






Squish "Eh, Canada"


I imagine the idea behind these gummies is an attempt to make the most Canadian gummy candies ever. On paper I would totally agree, however there’s one important detail that just didn’t work very well, the flavour. I’ve had many maple flavour treats, some with real smoke in them and others just maple flavoured. These gummies unfortunately might be the least maple flavoured, maple flavoured candies I’ve ever tasted. I should note that they do contain maple syrup, so I’m not calling the people at Squish liars.

The problem with the flavour is that there’s some kind of sour flavour that seems to mask the maple flavour almost entirely. After eating a few I did manage to get a bit of a maple after taste, but this odd sour flavour really dominates every part of this gummy. I wouldn’t describe the sour flavour as painful or extreme, it’s just enough however to knock the subtle maple flavour out. It’s too bad since maple is a great flavour and would work so well with gummies.

Shape and colour wise I was totally happy with these gummies and I feel like they’re as Canadian as you can get. If they just amplified the maple flavour a little bit I feel like these would be the most Canadian gummies ever. Each chewy maple leaf would make me stand at attention and sing my national anthem at each bite, if only the maple flavour was just a little stronger and less sour.