Starburst "Halloween Mix"


Dear makers of Starburst candies (Wrigley), I'm sorry but this isn't going to cut it. You've made a fine candy, however labeling it a Halloween treat is just wrong. The only thing that makes this at all Halloween like at all is that it's a small portion. Taking your fruit candies and putting Halloween images on it as well as giving them Halloween names is not enough. These have nothing to do with Halloween, they're just the fruit flavoured chewy candies you've always made.

First the good of this candy, and frankly it's the most important part of this treat. The chewy candy is both tasty and chewy. The fruit flavours were all petty tasty, not necessarily realistic, but pretty yummy. The texture also really works for me, each one of these chews was nice and soft and after eating a few my jaw didn't hurt at all. It's a very successful candy, it was just the lame attempt to make it Halloween themed that turned me off.

The worst part of the theming was the sad attempt made by the folks branding these candies. The outside package really didn't have any Halloween theming at all, and the images on the individual candies were simple random silhouettes of Halloween icons like bats and cats. The names of the flavours were also kind of lame, Batty Blackberry and Mysterious Mango sound like they were thought up last minute. The one thing they could have done to make these real Halloween treats would be to give them Halloween flavours. Blueberry and Mango does not make me think Halloween, Pumpkin spice and apple works much better.

Not a disappointing candy, but a disappointing attempt at marketing.