Starburst "Minis Original"


I think I understand the origins of this candy. I think the folks at Wrigley's decided that it would be “easy” and fun to shrink Startbusrt down to about one eighth the size, and sell them as a new treat. I have to agree with this idea as I think the concept of smaller Starbursts is actually a pretty fun idea. Then I think the reality of the situation kicked in. The first problem is that really tiny Starburst candies would be really hard to unwrap. The fix for that would be simple, sell them without the wrappers. That would seem simple, but then you have the problem of Startburst being taffy, and taffy is sticky. So if you had a bag of tiny taffy candies they would very likely stick together in one giant ball. The next answer is where the problems with this candy start to creep up. If you make the taffy less sticky, that should solve everything, and it kind of did.

The biggest problem with these small squares (if you're to compare them to the original Starbursts) is the texture. When you bite into these you get the feeling that you're biting into a piece of wax, rather than a piece of taffy. Added to this problem is the fact that the new waxy texture seems to put a delay on the fruit flavour. So for the first second or so it feels like you're biting into a flavourless piece of wax. I'll be honest, I actually found this somewhat satisfying, but it did take away the Starburst quality of this treat. Once you’re chewing for a few seconds the strong Startburst fruit flavours certainly did come through. And with the small size of these cubes you could mix and match some pretty fun fruit combination. The texture never did get as chewy as regular Starburst, but I didn't totally hate it.

The smaller problem with these candies was the shape. I really wish they could have been tiny little squares, but it seems like the machinery couldn't pull that off. Instead they felt more like Chiclets gum than they did Startbursts. It really felt like they had a good idea making tiny Starburst candies, but I just feel like logistically it's not possible to make it work.